Going to see Guardians of Galaxy tomorrow (today) and so excited!! First movie I’ve seen since my birthday in November. It’ll be good. :) 

Spice World on netflix!


when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  


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Tat on Parks without Recreation! LOVE IT! Now to binge watch Orphan Black until I pass out…

Almost done with hw. Then back to normal witty banter reblogs of tv shows I watch when I have no life.

ellie’s pun humor | part 2


one of my favorite ron swanson lines

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if you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember this one time in my english class, we were writing horror stories and one of the girls wrote “it was friday the 13th, the night before halloween” for her opening sentence



That awkward moment when My Pony plays on my laptop and my dad goes “hey the guy sings really well”. Yup.

Happy Sunday! Here’s a cat riding a roomba in a shark suit.