My body is punishing me for the best

j3nnn1f3r said: Oh no! What happened?

I managed to ruin my shoulder blade and right hip. I worked out, moved furniture, and slept funky due to some weird nightmares all while just getting over a flu bug. My body is so mad at me for not listening to it. So aspirin was my offering of peace. :) I’ll be fine just kinda not feeling to great and don’t want to move until morning. You’re a sweetie to ask! <3 <3 Much love!

Body I’m so sorry. Take this aspirin as forgiveness.

That one moment he forgot his line and improvised and it was the most beautiful moment.

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Thanks mama! Gnc doesn&#8217;t come cheap. #longhairdontcare #outstandingskin #lovethisregemne

Thanks mama! Gnc doesn’t come cheap. #longhairdontcare #outstandingskin #lovethisregemne

Who else is ready?????? Pretty sure Jenny was right and it’s cannibals… BUT WE WILL SEE! 

Just throwing this out there. I hate being lied to. Hate. It. Despise it even.